White Conch Shell Bangles




NCB is offering the second latest design of white conch shell bangles. These are the most favorite in our collection. It is made by Conch shell (sankha), it is also a traditional set. The finishing of work makes this conch shell bangles set more elegant. It can be worn in both hands or in one hand as you desire. Mostly it is worn by Indian Women. A beautiful and stylish Bangle set is made by premium quality seashells.

The bangles set contains 2 large bangles, which has flower and leaf patterns, embedded with red,  green Stone in between and gold dotted work in between and on the sides. The 4 small bangles have a touch of dotted gold design, that features mesmerizing design. The bangles add an extra Shining to your attire. Elegant and attractive design, endearing and stylish bangles.

Newcasablanca white conch shell bangles are non-petroleum based, biodegradable, and Earth-friendly.

It is exceptionally lightweight, yet extremely durable.

All of our jewelry is rolled in Indian-style polishing barrels for 2-3 days and then hand polished to perfection for a beautiful finish.

White Conch Shell Bangles


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