Embroidery Pashmina Shawl


Product Details
Material Cashmere Pashmina
Color Sky Blue
Size 200*75 cms approx
Weave Machine Spun, Hand Woven
Care Dry Clean
Embroidery Sozni Kari
Pattern Embroidered

An extravagance wrap to comfort you through crisp cold weather days where hand-weaved themes of the maze Sozni weaving fall over every last trace of a Kashmiri Pashmina. The Shawl vows to mix with every one of your outfits and change your colder time of year into impeccable.


NCB Luxurious Fine Wool Sky Blue Embroidered Cashmere Pashmina Shawl, Pashmina Wrap, Pashmina Scarfs – the ageless, handwoven Floral ari work weaving everywhere on the cloak, female adornment.

Ideal for bridesmaid endowments, wedding favors, or pre-wedding party favors, or only for consistently. Overly delicate, ideal for all year wear.

Wearing a scarf throughout the colder time of year will keep you as warm as a coat would. The ideal frill for the in vogue and trendy you. A major scarf can fill in as a cloak moreover. What preferable decision for a frill over a strong scarf? Plush surface, you will adore it.

Extravagant Pashmina Shawls – the ageless, female adornment.

Ideal for bridesmaid blessings, wedding favors, or pre-wedding party favors, or only for consistently. Too delicate, ideal for all year wear.

A cloak likewise looks incredible with any dress during any extraordinary event.

Tones may shift somewhat because of various PC screens.

Valid Pure Ari weaving Cashmere Pashmina made in Kashmir, Handwoven

The Shawl is adequately colossal to wear in another style like a scarf, wrap, accept it as ideal for any get-togethers or gatherings

• Dimensions: Length – 200 centimeters ,Width – 75 centimeters

• Material: 100% unadulterated pashmina/cashmere.

• Weave: tight weave, woven on a wooden handloom.

• Thread Count: high

• Feel: Soft

Care Instructions: –

• Dry Clean Only.

• Regular Steam Ironing endorsed to avoid pilling.

• To be taken care of in a Moisture free climate, away from direct sunlight.


Embroidery Pashmina Shawl


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