Elephant Embedded Kada


1,200.00 999.00


A beautifully crafted gold plated Kada or bangle. It has classical elegant design and style yet very ethnic and culturally inspired.

The Kada is all about keeping it simple and classy for every attire you prefer. Perfect for girls and ladies who believes in ‘less is more’ and ‘quality over quantity’ mantra. The design is simple yet elegant, the golden strips and elephant each side on the Kada with gold plating adds the luxe factor. The Kada is the perfect accessory for the office, casual outings, or any occasion or event.

Elephants hold a significant meaning in many cultures. It is believed that using elephant symbols in and around will invite good luck and fortune into one’s life while keeping all the negativity out. They also represent sensitivity, wisdom, loyalty, stability, patience, intelligence, peace, reliability and determination

This beautifully crafted gold plated Kada or bangle makes the perfect addition to your perfect attire.


Elephant Embedded Kada


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