Peacock Cuff Bangle


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For you, the guardian of legacy cherishes, a hand-engraved peacock bangle is designed mystically at every last bit of its antique-looking outsides to give the glorious bit old enough old specialties to your adornment’s collections. Pair with your ethnic groups and let it talk about your profound association with the conventions of your home.

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Classic peacock gems, a bangle with extraordinary wrapped tail formation, made with Different metals and has customizable size. Shocking in its glory, the Peacock Bangle is an indication of the divine phoenix on earth. Its mesmerizing colors and the “thousand eyes” on its tail Promote popularity and good karma in Indian Culture and can improve one’s safety and mindfulness.

Peacock Symbolizes – Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Emerging, Direction, Protection, and Attention. In Indian folklore, the Peacock tail has the “eyes” of the stars. In Hinduism, the Peacock is related to Lakshmi who speaks to tolerance, consideration, and karma.

Peacock Cuff Bangle


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